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The Way It Should Be

It’s Cuba day.  That’s always a great day, and even moreso when you get a chance to play them with a World Championship on the line.  They’ll be in their reds, and we’ll be in our cuba-killer gray-blue combo that’s worked so well on many different levels the past few years.

This game will be tough, but it should be when somebody comes out the other side with the Gold Medal of a World Champion around their neck.  We are better than they are and we have scouted harder than they have.  But we need to go and back that up with our best effort.  That didn’t happen last night and Mexico gave us fits when I really think they were happy settling for a loss and trying to beat Venezuela for the bronze the next day. 

I was not happy last night and I’m glad I gave it a night before I shared my thoughts about our performance on this blog.  Hopefully we are refocussed and want this more than anything we’ve ever wanted before.  I know Cuba does and they’ll play like it.  If we do we’ll be fine and we’ll peel ourselves off of each other on the dogpile and get a chance to taste that Gold Medal porridge on the plane ride home.