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Slight Schedule Alterations for 16U West

We made a mistake in our seedings after 5 games which we have now fixed.  The change affects the seeding and schedule for 5 teams tomorrow.  The previously 20th seeded ABD Boxers were mistakenly attributed extra runs allowed in our ranking system.  By taking those runs off of their record, they jump up to the 16th seed, thereby knocking the teams previously ranked 16-19 teams down one slot each.  Nobody else is affected and their opponent in the game in question was already attributed the correct amount of runs.  We apologize for any confusion, and please refer to the attached schedule which has been updated to reflect these changes.  You will find the changes hilighted in yellow.

2009 West Schedule and Results.xls

New Schedule for 16U East is Here

Thanks to an unbelievable groundscrew, games went off at Roger Dean at 11AM.  Unfortunately, Santaluces is washed out for the day.  Those teams will now be coming up to Roger Dean to play their games.  Game times will be at 11AM, 1:30 PM, 4PM, and 6:30PM.  We will try to push through as fast as we can so we ask that you be ready to go for those game times and earlier if possible. 

The new schedule is linked below.  Please note that if you were scheduled for games 173-180, you are now playing at Roger Dean tomorrow morning at 8AM.

2009 East Reschedule 6.23 & 24.xls 

8AM Roger Dean Games Good to Go at 11AM

If you had a Blue or Red Field game at Roger Dean scheduled for 8AM, you will now be playing at 11AM.  Gates will open at 10:15AM.  Some games might not start right at 11, but we expect them to start pretty close to that. 

We’re still trying to track down an accurate start time at Santaluces, so sit tight if you had an 8AM game down there. 

If you were scheduled to play later in the day, we’ll have word to you as soon as we can figure out what we’re doing at Santaluces, but you’re obviously playing later than originally scheduled.