2011 16U Championships East Schedule/Results

Here are the RESULTS through the Championship Game.

Congratulations to SOUTH FLORIDA ELITE SQUAD BLACK – the 2011 USA Baseball 2011 East Champions!

South Florida Elite Squad Black takes the Gold, Team Elite White takes the Silver, and South Charlotte Panthers take the Bronze.


  1. Team GA Mom

    The Team GA/ Miami Chiefs score is backwards on the spreadsheet. Team GA won that game this morning at 8am.

  2. Big Cat

    How soon after the 8:00 games will you have the next round schedule out and available? do you post it or contact the coaches? Thank you

    • mlblogs16u1

      it depends on how many tiebreakers we have to process so it’s tough to say. we will post the new schedule as soon as possible and hopefully announce the seeding before, because we still have to insert the teams into the new schedule.

      we will contact the coaches of teams who play games at 8AM, all others will be responsible for finding out their own seeding.

  3. baseball fan

    The Bergen Beach / Houston Banditos score (Mon. 6/20, 8:00am) is not correct. The Banditos won that game. Thanks for correcting.

  4. John

    The score for the Team Elite White vs Bullets Baseball FL is incorrect…it should be 7-6, not 16-6…unless a forfeit was ruled against Team Elite.

  5. Don Hutchins

    Score for South Charlotte Panthers v. Palm Beach Green on Tuesday morning 8:00a is reversed.

    SC Panthers won 10-1.

    • mlblogs16u1

      Thank you. We noted the error when the score sheet was reviewed and have made the correction. We are will be publishing the correction shortly once we receive the scores for the 11:00 games.

  6. John

    Are these seedings set and finalized? We are making plans to return for the next rounds games and want to make sure we are there for correct game times.

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